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Cal Football: RT Matt Summers-Gavin Out This Week With MCL Injury

via <a href="">Cal Bears Online</a>
via Cal Bears Online



“People have played through those sometimes,” Tedford said. “It just depends of the level of swelling and soreness.”

“Matt doesn’t want to miss (a game),” offensive coordinator Jim Michalczik said. “It is killing him right now. You can look at him all practice, he is coaching guys up.”

Redshirt junior Bill Tyndall will take on the task of protecting quarterback Zach Maynard’s blind side, while redshirt sophomore Geoffrey Gibson has moved from guard to tackle to add depth at the position.

Obviously I have no idea what the injury is; if it's week-to-week, it might not be that serious and he could be back as soon as next week or the week after; and if it's serious we probably don't see him for a month or so. If it's a low grade MCL tear, he might only be out this week, but if it's a sprain he will probably be out a bit longer. I'd say it's a good bet he returns sometime this season though.

If there's any game Summers-Gavin could miss, it's this one. But if there's any games he COULDN'T afford to miss, it's the two after this one. It's a very perilous situation.

Bill Tyndall will make his first start. Tyndall played three games off the bench as a redshirt sophomore last year. It was mostly in garbage time though, so this will be his first significant action. The hard part figures to come the next few weeks if MSG is unable to go against Ohio State and USC.

Other notes.

  • Khairi Fortt is practicing a little more, but he's several weeks away from practice drills. I'd guess mid-October is when we'd first see him in action. Too bad, we really need him out here. MLB play was spotty at best.
  • Mustafa Jalil is practicing and could play this week. We realllly missed him last week.
  • Josh Hill will be the nickelback in nickel situations; Kameron Jackson will move back to backup corner after having some struggles. Michael Lowe moves to free safety when Hill is the nickel.
  • Freddie Tagaloa could play next week.