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Fantasy Week in Review: Week 1

No college fantasy football this past week (draft is scheduled for tonight, so be there or be a huge Furd attendance apologist), but we do have week 1 of the pick'em in the books. Hit it:


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 Sactown Golden Bear 21 21-12
2 Still No Stanfurdium 21 21-12
3 bearbackers pics 20 20-13
4 LifeShouldBeOnCinemax 20 20-13
5 7-5 or bust 20 20-13
6 btbear 20 20-13
7 Roflcoptering on to Victory 20 20-13
8 Joe Kapp's Lonely Tequila 19 19-14
9 braggin dragons 19 19-14
10 Da (Other) Bears 19 19-14
11 caligolden triton 19 19-14
12 Jhavidicus NewMemorialus 19 19-14
13 spb doug 19 19-14
13 class of 87 19 19-14

21/33 is pretty impressive, but let's break down what the opening week's trends were, shall we?

  • We had 65 participants in week 1, and six teams that were picked by every single participant: West Virginia (-25) over Marshall, Wisconsin (no line) over Northern Illinois, Florida State (no line) over Murray State, Oklahoma State (no line) over Savannah State, Arkansas (no line) over Jacksonville State, and Kansas State (no line) over Missouri State.
  • We also had 63 people take Cal over Nevada, but that didn't work out so well. As for bearbackers pics and Roflcoptering on to Victory, you can either celebrate them for their non-conformism, deride them for their negativity, or curse them for their bad juju.
  • As you can see from the results table, Sactown Golden Bear and Still No Stanfurdium tied atop the leaderboard this week with 21 of 33 correct picks. They both missed on Navy (+16) against Notre Dame, Georgia (-38) over Buffalo, Cal (ugh), Iowa (-10) over Northern Iowa, Oregon (-37) against Arkansas State, and Virginia Tech (-7) against Georgia Tech.
  • On the other hand, cjwethers' Tree-muchin' picks managed to go an abysmal 11/33. That is truly awful, sir.
  • Only four people correctly took UTEP (+31) against Oklahoma and Arkansas State (+37) against Oregon, respectively.
  • Only five correctly took Toledo (+10.5) against Arizona, and only seven took Georgia Tech (+7) against Virginia Tech. Not sure why more people wouldn't have taken Georgia Tech there. I love the triple option!
  • Eight people incorrectly took Ohio State (-24.5) against Miami of Ohio and Iowa (-10) against Northern Iowa.
  • Fifty three people incorrectly took the Farm (-25.5) against San Jose State, and these people should be ashamed.