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Jabari Bird Cancels Visits, To Decide Wednesday; Cal On The Shortlist

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Well, let's see.

1) As FrankCohen already told you, Jabari Bird just took an official visit to Cal this past weekend. There have been no official reports of how his visit went, and it's hard to believe so badly that he decided to commit to another school, especially considering...

2) Bird had four visits scheduled to Cal, Colorado, Oregon and Washington this month. And now...

3) Bird has been recruited by Cal the earliest and has always listed the Bears among his favorites. The other school that has come up has been Washington, although Bird has yet to take an official up there.

4) Bird brought along Marcus Lee and Aaron Gordon along (on unofficials), so you have to imagine he'll be talking to all of them about the possibility of playing together in college.

I will not get excited about this. I will not get excited about this. I will not get excited about this...