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Cal Football Photoshop/Caption Contest: Deflated Oski

A loss as frustrating as Saturday's demands a photoshop contest of some sort. Let's go to what has become the symbol of Saturday's defeat (thanks to Mr. F for taking the photo and thanks to Berkelium97 for re-posting it).

Photoshop deflated Oski below or caption contest him. Take your pick!


After the jump, see the winners from our Tedford caption contest last year.


This Jeff Tedford photo produced many worthy submissions
. Who were the winners?

4) JustBear: 5 recs

Sometimes u got to go back to ur childhood days

3) Spazzy McGee: 6 recs

"These beats are NOT fresh!"

2) Redonkulous Bear - 7 recs

They Blew it all to hell feat. Vincent Van Bro special apperance by Oski

1) Redonkulous Bear - 13 recs