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How To Navigate The NEW Gamethreads

Confused about gamethreads under SBNU? Let me help you out a bit here!

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hey, guys, I know things were changed quite drastically on Tuesday. And I understand some of all y'all have trepidation with change. I get that.

While there are some frustrating changes to SBNU (and we're working on that internally), there are also a lot of really great changes. For example, our posting schedule is no longer limited by chronology. It used to be that the most recent post was at the top of the page. This being the internet and all, the higher to the top a post is the more viewage the post will receive. You all just hate to scroll! I get that. I hate scrolling, too.

But it makes NO sense to have your most visible posts dictated by when they were posted instead of how good they may be. Why should we be limited or controlled by space and time?????? We'd put our best posts up first thing in the morning, but then by noon, they'd be pushed way down the page. Now, we can provide the best content to you at the top of the page and couple it with the most recent content, also. It might take a bit to get used to and I get that, but in the long run it is going to be a massive improvement in the way we generate and provide content to you.

Another positive is story streams. This is an easy way to organize multiple posts into one associated story. We think this will work great for the way in which we ran gamethreads under OLD SBN. With the Cal-ASU game tomorrow, we will get out first shot at Story streams, so I wanted to provide a quick sample for you to wander around. Here is a link to the story stream here.

Think of that as the casing that organizes all the posts. So, I put together a sample initial game thread mothership post and the 1st and 2nd quarter threads. They are in there. And you won't be able to necessarily see this now, but when it is on the front page tomorrow, there should be direct links WITHIN the story stream image that take you to the threads. When the next quarter starts and the quarter thread goes up, it will be associated with the story stream and immediate go into that page.

This is more or less how we did it in the past, but in a much most efficient and organized way. Finding the most updated thread where the party is at will be easier than ever. One click away! And it'll be easier on the writers to just associate streams instead of editing links here and there all willy nilly. Maybe we could do it all willy, but CERTAINLY not all nilly!

So, tell us your thoughts. I know that SBN has dumped a lot of change on all of us. We're working incredibly hard to figure out all the new tools and see how best we can provide you with the high quality content you've come to know and skim at CGB. Leave your thoughts in the comments. GO BEARS!