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Golden Nuggets: Keenan Allen and Zach Maynard Discuss Cal's Lackluster Offense

Jeff Tedford didn't appear to have anything insightful to say following another blowout loss to USC, so we'll see what Maynard and Allen said about the game.

QB Zach Maynard

"USC has a great team and had a great game plan. They were jamming our receivers off the ball and they were getting hit once they caught the ball."

On struggles in the red zone
"It was unfortunate how a couple of our plays panned out. We had good plays, but there's not as much field to work with down there. They were crashing our run game and we just didn't have some plays pan out."

On having trouble connecting with Keenan Allen at times
"Keenan thinks he's open a lot (said with a chuckle). They doubled and tripled him every time. He did a great job, but I had to release as quickly as I could so I tried to put it in there, but USC did a great job on defense."

WR Keenan Allen
"There were a lot of play calls we couldn't get to because the protection keys were off. We couldn't seem to get it clicking until late in the second half.

"We have to execute consistently. It's something we have to work on. We need to get the ball in the end zone and get points on the board. Against top teams like this, you can't win with field goals.

"We blew a couple things out there that could've been touchdown plays. No one player is to blame. We we'll go into the film room and try to improve."

It looks like no one asked Tedford about Bigelow or the pass-heavy offense in the red zone. That's a shame. More links after the jump.


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