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Cal Football: Matt Summers-Gavin Injures Knee, MRI Tuesday

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Lost in the hullabaloo over everything that happened Saturday was the fact that Cal sustained an injury at probably the place they could least afford it: Right tackle. Matt Summers-Gavin went down late in the 4th quarter, and there is a serious concern the injury is serious.

Protecting Maynard's blind side suddenly becomes a glaring issue. If Summers-Gavin is out for an extended period of time, Cal would be down to only Brian Schwenke at center in terms of players with starting experience. The Rigsbees and Chris Adcock made their first starts on Saturday and were up and down for most of the game (which hardly bodes well for Ohio State, USC and UCLA the next few weeks). Bill Tyndall took over for Summers-Gavin at the end of the game, which means we move from Schwartz/Summers-Gavin to two seniors who have played a combined eleven games off the bench. Scary.

Richard Rodgers did get injured during the course of the game but did return. Marc Anthony cramped up at one point but was back on the field on the final possession.