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Golden Nuggets: Tedford on Mistakes, CJ vs Isi, and Benching Maynard

Have you filled out a Nevada report card? Go here to fill one out.

Yesterday sucked. Here Tedford talks about what went wrong and addresses questions about RBs and benching Maynard benching.

On Cal's offense:
"We had too many mistakes, communication breakdowns, and we didn't take care of the football very well. We couldn't get off the field defensively. Early in the game, we were in too many third-and-long situations. You cannot run in a game being in third and 15, third and 12. Nevada played hard and made more plays than we did. We couldn't convert third down and stay on the field, and they could."

On the offensive challenges:
"We are running a new offense with a piece of the no huddle. Games are different than practice. We worked out some kinks early; after that we were fine, but we made too many mistakes."

On Nevada's offense:
"They have you spread all over the field. You need to be disciplined with your role. Their quarterback played very well, especially on third down. He made some big plays and kept the chains moving. He threw with confidence and accuracy. Their guys made some great catches as well. It comes down to making plays, and we didn't."

On TBs Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson:
"Both (Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson) are slash. Coach Gould keeps his finger on the substitutions. He does a good job getting those guys in and out. It just worked out that when C.J (Anderson) was in there, a lot of the reads were hands instead of keeps by the quarterback."

On Starting QB Allan Bridgford:
"(The decision to star Allan Bridgford was made) back in early June; we knew that Zach (Maynard) wasn't going to start the game. Zach did some decent things, but there are other areas he needs to improve with. He threw some good balls, but there are some open guys he needs to hit. He is better than what he played today."

Considering the staff decided in June that Maynard would not be starting, it's bizarre that none of the players knew until Friday. Why withhold that information from the team? More links after the jump.



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