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Bears In The NFL, Week 2: Cal Top Ten School In Developing Pros

Aaron Rodgers completed 68% of his passes, overcame five sacks and an interception to throw this touchdown to pull the Green Bay Packers over the Chicago Bears.


Poor Chris Conte was just a little late. Conte had two tackles for Chicago. Hey, at least you got Andrew Luck!

After the jump, find out where exactly Cal ranks among the top ten.

Where do the Bears stack up in producing NFL talent?

Here are the top programs for producing NFL player sin 2012.

1. USC: 44

2. Miami: 37

3. Louisiana State: 36

4. Ohio State: 35

4. Texas 35

4. Georgia: 35

7. Florida: 30

8. Alabama: 26

9. California: 25

9. Iowa: 25

9. Michigan: 25

The rest of the Bears in the Pros.

DeSean Jackson piled up seven catches for 114 yards for the Philadelphia Eagles, including this impressive 49-yard haul you can view (click here). Soft, huh?

Mychal Kendricks had another great game, piling up five tackles and two pass deflections, including one deflection on a pass intended for Ray Rice (video) in the final minute to seal the win for the Eagles over the Baltimore Ravens. Kendricks was so good, he started trending worldwide on Twitter for awhile.

Nnamdi Asomugha added a tackle.

Marshawn Lynch piled up 122 rushing yards on 26 carries, including a touchdown run to lead Seattle offensively to a 27-7 victory. Brandon Mebane had two assisted tackles.

Justin Forsett rushed for 35 yards on six carries for the Houston Texans. Tyson Alualu grabbed six tackles for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bryan Anger boomed nine punts for an average net of 51.3 yards.

The Tennessee Titans lost to the San Diego Chargers, but Craig Stevens had a 46 yard catch, and Lavelle Hawkins had four kickoff returns for 130 yards, including a 71-yarder (video).

Cameron Jordan had three tackles and the lone sack for the New Orleans Saints in their loss to the Carolina Panthers. Scott Fujita put up two tackles for the Cleveland Browns in their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.