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CGB Blogpoll Ballot, Week 3 (Draft)

atomsareenough: Hey Norcalnick... I just noticed this, but Oregon State at #11???

This is a team that went 3-9 last year with mostly the same guys, and their sole game so far this year was a 3-point victory at home against a clearly mediocre Wisconsin squad. You're handing the Beavers a #11 ranking based on that? Yet Florida State doesn't get credit for 52-0 against Wake Forest?

Sorry, not trying to be argumentative, but I just enjoy talking about this stuff :)

Norcalnick: Yeah, you're right. I should probably revise that before we release our final ballot.
The challenge with these polls is to to remember to revise ALL of your preseason prejudices. I was on the Wisconsin bandwaggon before the season, and gave Oregon St. due credit, but considering how mediocre the Badgers have looked two weeks in a row, a correction is in order.

Avinash: Don't think it's too far-fetched. Utah State is a really good team. Beat up Utah, who beat a good BYU team.

11th might be a little high, but not too high.

atomsareenough: They didn't "beat up" Utah, they won by a TD, in a game where Utah's starting QB was injured early on. Anyway, color me skeptical on the lot of them.

Avinash: Hays has played a lot, he's no scrub (although he certainly plays like one at times).

atomsareenough: He has, but as we found out against Nevada, a sudden change of plans at the QB position can have an adverse effect on the quality of play. I think Utah is probably a 7-8 win team this year, plus a bowl game. Oregon State, maybe 5-7 wins, and maybe a bowl game. The rescheduled Nicholls State game could end up providing them a crucial win for bowl eligibility.

Interestingly, BYU will play both Oregon State and Utah State later on this year, as well as Boise State and Notre Dame, so maybe we'll get a little better idea of how good some of these teams are compared to each other and the Pac-12.

Avinash: The point is it's Week 3 and we have no good read on anyone for at least another three weeks.

atomsareenough: That's why this debate is so free-wheeling and fun! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!