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Golden Nuggets: Cal-Ohio State Score Predictions + Packers-Bears Open Thread

The college football game is lame, but NFL Network has Packers vs. Bears! Aaron Rodgers vs. Chris Conte! Feel free to discuss along with the picks in the comments!

We have plenty of score predictions this week thanks to our game against a ranked opponent. Not surprisingly, every single one of them is a loss for the Bears.

Cal at Ohio State, 9 a.m. (ABC): The Pac-12 was 3-0 against the Big Ten last week, but was the home team in all three. None was played in front of 105,000 hostile fans. The Bears say this game can be a turning point in their season. Not unless the defense can somehow corral Braxton Miller and the offensive line can block well enough to give Zach Maynard a running game. Ohio State 35, Cal 20.
Kevin: Ohio State 28, Cal 10: The defense, which was supposed to be the strength of this team, hasn't shown up yet. Nevada quarterback Cody Fajardo rushed for 97 yards -- most of it on zone reads the Bears couldn't stop. What's Braxton Miller going to do?

Ted: Ohio State 30, California 17: During the summer, I believed this was prime upset material. Then Cal played twice.
Brian Bennett: No rest this week for Braxton Miller, but he'll enjoy running and passing against Cal's shaky defense. The Golden Bears hang around for a while, but two more picks by an opportunistic Buckeyes defense kills any upset thoughts ... Ohio State 35, Cal 21

Adam Rittenberg: I grew up in Berkeley going to Bears games, and it's sad to say the Cal program is in free fall under coach Jeff Tedford. Ohio State has some initial trouble figuring out the Cal defense, but Miller gets going eventually and accounts for three touchdowns. Cornerback Bradley Roby records his first interception of the season as Ohio State pulls away in the third quarter. ... Ohio State 31, Cal 17

Will it be too early to start drinking if things take a turn for the Ohio in the first quarter? More links after the jump.