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Cal Football: Chris McCain & Richard Rodgers Probable Vs. Ohio State

Big news.

Definitely need those two if we expect to have any chance at an upset.

Couldn't afford to lose those two considering how decimated the linebacking corps is right now and our struggles to get the other tight ends involved in the offense. McCain and Scarlett have performed fairly well on the outside (the inside has been a trouble spot). The replacement would either be Nathan Broussard or Dan Camporeale if McCain isn't the starter. For what it's worth it looked like Broussard got more snaps than Camporeale in the second half.

Rodgers might not be catching the ball yet, but he's a big threat to catch and definitely provides added versatility on offense. Jacob Wark would be the primary tight end if Rodgers doesn't go, with Spencer Hagan sliding into that second TE spot.

As expected, Matt Summers-Gavin remains sidelined. Bill Tyndall remains the starter at RT, Geoffrey Gibson is the backup. Freddie Tagaloa is now the backup left tackle behind Tyler Rigsbee. Khairi Fortt still is working his way back.