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CGB Blogpoll Ballot, Week 2 (Draft)

Starting this week, we'll be posting our Blogpoll ballot twice a week; the first post (today's) will be a draft ballot, where we'll take reader comments on our ballot, and if someone makes a convincing argument, adjust our vote accordingly. The final ballot is due Tuesday morning, after which we'll post our final ballot for a completely transparent process. Also, because Hyundai is paying us. Mostly the second one, actually.

Anyway, here's an opening thought for you...

atomsareenough (looks at Norcalnick's ballot): That's funny, I don't have Michigan State on my list at ALL yet. It's probably an oversight on my part, and if they beat Notre Dame next week I'll happily put them in... but considering Norcalnick has put them all the way at #2 for reasons that I can't fathom, I suppose my ballot evens things out a little :)

Berkelium97: The MSU defense absolutely dominated Boise State--that's why I also have them in by ballot.

Norcalnick: Sparty is a consensus top 10 pick in the AP, Coach's and blogpoll. I think unranking them is a little weirder than having them at #2!

atomsareenough: I don't have Boise State ranked either though (they were a fringe top-25 team for me in the preseason), so that win seems less impactful to me. I wonder if without Kellen Moore they're maybe in the same boat as you describe Oklahoma State without Brandon Weeden. Central Michigan, which lost 9 games last year, isn't exactly an impressive opponent either.

Anyway, I probably should have put MSU on my list, like I said, but I really don't see them as a top-5 team just yet. I think Notre Dame could be decent, maybe in the top 30, so we'll see how the Spartans fare next week. A comfortable win and I'll probably put them in the 10-15 range.