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London 2012: Open Thread for 8/10/12


Happy Friday, Cal fans! It's time for today's Calympian Open Thread. Did you think we were done? Well, let me remind you:

The Bear will not quit, the Bear will not die.

-Joe Kapp

For those of us watching at home, this means that there are more stunning shots, thrilling throws, and wonderful water polo players awaiting us today. To see how the women did, you'll find LEastCoastBears' Day 13 recap here. Today, the action turns to two men's water polo players from Cal. Team USA will be competing in a classification match, while Serbia plays in Semifinal #2. Both of the Golden Bears have Twitter accounts (note their encouragement for fellow Golden Bears), so send them your words of support by clicking on their names in the chart. You can find their profiles and those of other Calympians by clicking on the CGB Calympian logo below.

Sport Event Live (PST) Broadcast Information Calympian(s)
M Water Polo USA v ESP 6:20AM 6:20AM-7:20 NBCSN John Mann (USA)
M Water Polo SRB v ITA 11:50AM Aleksa Saponjic (Serbia)

This will be Team USA's final match. Here's hoping Serbia can go all the way!