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Cal Football Fall Practice #5: No News Is Good News

Frustratingly, this first week of fall practice is drawing a big fat inconclusive because Summer Session is wrapping up right now. Even Tedford's presser doesn't reveal much of anything. The biggest news was just about another delay (Memorial Stadium practices moving back a day at least, and probably no full practices on that field for some time after that).

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Thankfully, the good news is that this is probably one of the earliest dates that fall camp has concluded. So that probably means we'll start getting better news starting this weekend and the final two weeks of fall scrimmaging before depth charts get set and Nevada prep begins in earnest.

On the bright side, shell practice! Here's the Koopa Troopa Bear Patrol in action.

My guesses as to what some of these drills are after the jump. I'm guessing HydroTech (or one of the other HydroTechs around) can explain these better.

Two target drill: Guessing it's how receivers try and learn how to defeat press coverage when the man defender is playing close up, or a few yards back (not past five yards) when he's dropping back into a cover package. One quick slap to the side of the defender to try and defeat his man before the defense has time to react.

Hula hoop: Seems like it's a good way for receivers to learn how to properly run a route and get to their spots on the field where the quarterback is throwing them the ball. I'm guessing it's about cutting less on a straight line but instead in more of a fluid parabolic move so that you get to your target faster (Pythagorean Theorem and all that), but also to get separation from your defender and make it harder for them to make a play on the ball. Sidney Rice of the Seattle Seahawks talked about how hula hoop drills helped him develop into the explosive receiver.

That's the imposing Darius Powe making the catch there, and Keenan Allen running a similar version of that route to the inside on what appears to be a crossing route after that.

Offensive line slip and slide: No clue. Is this a way to practice good cutblocking?

  • Matt Summers Gavin tries to keep Aaron Tipoti on the outside. Struggle with that as Tipoti generally finds his way inward, although MSG gets him to the ground.
  • Todd Barr is engaging someone (looks like Schwenke) early, then goes head-to-head against Bill Tyndall later.
  • On special teams drills, there's Nick Forbes blocking something. Avery Sebastian appears to block a circular ball that is not a pigskin. I don't know what that is. I'd guess both are likely to be seen a few times on ST.
  • Daniel Lasco, Brendan Bigelow receiving returns, as did C.J. Anderson interestingly.
  • C.J.A. in pass protection versus Jalen Jefferson was solid--he kept his body low and his feet active and was able to play great contain. Jacob Wark probably retreated a little too much on Dan Camporeale, and Robert Mullins won his matchup against Dasarte Yarnway.
  • Brian Schwenke and Kendrick Payne engaging in one of the better upper-body matchups of the week. Strength vs. strength there.
  • The most impressive move in this vid might have been the frosh Christian Okafor handling duties against Mutsafa Jalil, as he refused to give the inside and forced him to turn around and not go anywhere.

Tedford's presser here, where he goes over what's important about the transition to fall camp:

I'm analyzing air. But it's better than injuries.