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London 2012: Olympic Open Thread for 8/9/12

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There may be fewer Calympian events these days, but that shouldn't have a significant impact on your yelling. In fact, you'll want to multi-task today, as there are simultaneous Calympian events taking place in London!

Sport Event Live (PST) Broadcast Information Calympian(s)
W Track & Field 800m 11:30AM 11AM-11:45 NBC Alysia Johnson Montano (USA)
W Soccer USA v JAP FINAL 11:45AM

10:45AM-2:30PM Specialty: Soccer


Alex Morgan (USA)
W Water Polo USA v ESP FINAL noon 2PM-3 NBC Heather Petri and Elsie Windes (USA)

Montano excelled in the first round of the women's 800m, but for more details, make sure to check out LEastCoastBears' recap of Day 12. Three of the four Calympians have Twitters, which are linked in the chart above, so make sure you direct your words of encouragement accordingly. To read more about them and the other Golden Bears, you can click on the CGB Calympian logo below. As always, the NBC live stream is linked in the LIVE (PST) column.

Cheer for her; it will do your lungs good. Love her; it will do your heart and life good.

-Benjamin Ide Wheeler

Calympians will take home medals from soccer and water polo today. The question remains: what color are those medals? Heed Wheeler's advice, and we'll all go home happy. GO BEARS!