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London 2012: Olympic Open Thread for 8/8/12


For the Cal fans who have been wondering about trying to coordinate both land bears and sea bears, don't you worry. You will be getting some practice today! Because of their stellar performances up to this point, you will see both Team USA and Team Serbia in men's water polo quarterfinal matches today, and Golden Bears John Mann and Aleksa Saponjic will continue to amaze us on their respective teams. That covers the sea bears. And now, for the land bear.

This year, the sole female track and field representative from Cal is Alysia Montaño, who was known by her maiden name, Alysia Johnson, while she was at Cal. Once a Golden Bear, always a Golden Bear, though, and she will be competing in the 800m race today. All three athletes' Twitter handles are linked in the chart below, so make sure you show your support! To see all the Calympian profiles, click on the logo below the chart.

Sport Event Live (PST) Broadcast Information Calympian(s)
W Track & Field 800m 3:35AM 12:15PM-1 NBC Alysia Montaño
M Water Polo AUS v SRB (Quarterfinal#4) 7:50AM 7:45AM-9 MSNBC Aleksa Saponjic
M Water Polo CRO v USA (Quarterfinal#1) noon 2PM-3 NBC John Mann

Click on the LIVE (PST) time to go to NBC's live stream.