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Cal Football Fall Practice #3: Zach Maynard Looking Better Mechanically

Welcome to fall practice #3, where it sounds like everyone has hit the wall, including the reporters. Rivals ($) and Bear Insider ($) have gone behind the veil (Scout's report is the closest thing to a free transcript of the presser), so no juicy nuggets for us cheapskates. Whatever, we can make do with free.

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Not much of note seemed to happen since some of the defensive line was stuck in finals. So instead of talking too much about the most boring of the three Tedford pressers yet (unless you're a big fan of fall practice depth chart procedure, then this is TOTALLY the video for you), I'm going to break down 30 seconds of quarterback tape released from Practice #2, because I want SOMETHING to break down.

More on the QBs and press conference notes are after the jump.

Zach Maynard Throw #1 (roll-out complete to Richard Rodgers): It's weird watching Maynard throw on the run, since he often looks like a Scandinavian handball player trying to score a penalty kick. The latter is extremely awesome and bizarre, and so can the former if it clicks like it did at the end of last season.

However, it does look steadier, and more importantly Maynard is moving sharper. He keeps the ball high and to his chest There were times where he'd hang that ball out like he was on the playground last year, and it appears that has been coached out of him. Very quick moves by Maynard to release the ball to get it to his tight end on the move. Rodgers seems to move scarily fast from side-to-side for 270 pounds.

Maynard Throw #2 (three-step drop complete to Keenan Allen): Nice 20 yard streak throw on a quick release. I don't believe that throw was in Zach's arsenal last year (and if it was, I doubt he used it that much). He usually needed a wind-up or could only go short on a three-step drop. Also there's far less of a leg-kick needed to get that ball out, which is a nice sign--it's possible Maynard's arm strength has improved quite a bit from last year.

Allen does a good job looking back for the ball and catching the ball in front of him while not showing his hands until just before the ball lands in his lap. It does seem like that the brother-brother connection could be more attuned as well.

Zach Kline Throw (comeback route to Bryce Treggs): This throw isn't unconventional at all. Snap, crackle, pop.

Kline picks up his back leg on his throw, which doesn't seem to be a bad thing in slowing the release on this particular throw. That ball moves. The carriage is right up at his chest and the release point is picture perfect. If there's any issue it's how much he has to kick the leg to generate the velocity. I'm sure Tedford wants Kline generating those throws from the upper body.

Kyle Boehm Throw (rollout to Jacob Wark): Similar to the Maynard throw, except it looks like Boehm throws off his back foot and has to release the ball while in the air. The mechanics are a little bit different. Boehm showcases good arm strength, but kind of bends his body a little left when the throw goes out. Regardless, it's an effective completion that gets to his target quickly. Whatever gets the job done.

Allan Bridgford Throw (corner route to Cedric Dozier): Can't tell much about this one. It's too far away. Seems like a standard hitch route to the outside that Dozier does well to locate. Pretty good arm strength there.

Here's the Tedford press conference + notes.

  • Khairi Fortt is rehabbing his leg, and has yet to practice. The big thing will be getting strength back into his leg before he can start participating in full; for now he'll have to settle for non-contact drills.
  • Right now the fall rotation is working in four units, so there's a starting unit (first team), backup unit (second team), then the third and fourth teams where everyone will try working their way up. Eventually it'll be cut to three units once the rotation is figured out, with the third unit likely to take over scout duties.
  • For a guy none of us really thought about concerning Cal recruiting, Willie Fletcher seems to be making an early impression. He's probably a dead certainty to blueshirt, but nevertheless, nice to hear good things about an unheralded recruit. ManBearCal's profile on Fletcher might be worth a read right about now.
  • The five freshman wide receivers are impressing a bit. With Allen and Harris the only givens, start taking bets on who sees the field this year.
  • Christian Okafor appears to be a little bit ahead of Freddie Tagaloa, which makes sense since Okafor has been here all year (as one of the two EEs along with Zach Kline).
  • Chris Adcock and Jordan Rigsbee are seeing time at backup center behind Schwenke, which probably means Matt Cochran gets the blueshirt. He's having trouble with snaps anyway, and we've all had way too much fun with that.
  • Good free interview with Eric Stevens and Bear Insider.
  • official practice recap of Day 3.