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Top Dog Roundtable: Coming To A Memorial Stadium Near You?

Top Dog (via <a href="">lapie</a>)
Top Dog (via lapie)

And now for the most important roundtable of all time. The site might just get retired after this one.

Cal athletics is negotiating with Berkeley institution Top Dog to sell its popular hot dogs at Memorial Stadium this season.

Now, this is awesome. But I'd imagine that the options would be limited compared to the regular Top Dog, particularly since Cal Dining is running things. Most likely they'll be a limited set of dogs to choose from that they'll cook and distribute to us during a football game.

Still. TOP DOG!

I'd imagine there'd be options for a regular Top Dog and probably a Veggie Dog for vegetarians. Let's say there's only one more type of Top Dog for you guys to eat. Which one are you going with and why?

Update from Vincent S that might be important news: From the last time I stopped by, they will be selling ~4 dogs: Top and 3 others (the only two I heard thrown out were Hot Link and Chicken Apple (?)).

LeonPowe: Well I'm a bockwurst guy, but I rarely hear other people ordering it - mainly hot links or chicken apple. But since this is an imagination exercise, bockwurst (veal and pork and milk and paprika if I remember correctly) is my choice.

Solarise: Bratwurst is my jam. Once it hits your lips it's soooooo good!

TwistNHook: I seriously cannot remember the last time I ate at Top Dog. Actually, I mighta had one after the Cal-Arkansas softball game(s), but I'm not 100%. I usually do not eat any food at the stadium, so this news doesn't really affect me. I wonder what the markup will be, though.

Nonetheless, its good that we have a local Berkeley institution at the games instead of some random thing.

Berkelium97: I have never purchased any food at Memorial Stadium. This announcement may change things.

I'm a hot links fella, but I'm not sure if that's user-friendly enough to be the only non-veggie option. I can compromise and accept the bird dog as the only meaty option.

HydroTech: Wow. If Top Dogs were sold at the game, that would be awesome! I would totally buy food at the game now. My favorite: chicken and apple.

Ragnarok: This development makes me seriously excited. Putting a landmark Berkeley culinary establishment inside the stadium for game days? It makes almost too much sense.

Of course, now I'm just waiting for them to announce an agreement with I.B. Hoagies. Blondie's can come too.

HydroTech: If Blondie's was sold in the stadium, I'm pretty sure I'd spend all game standing in line to get more and more and more, rather than actually watching the game.

Kodiak: It's hard for me to decide on just one favorite. Admittedly, it's been years since I've been to Top Dog. But I used to get two, my wife would get two, and we'd mix/match/share to figure out which ones we preferred on that given day.

Norcalnick: Kodiak has it right. It's all about your mood and what you need that day. Sometimes I'm super nervous about the game and my stomach is queasy. I need something light like a delicious chicken apple or lemon chicken. Sometimes I didn't have breakfast and I"m starving, and a bock or a brat hits the spot. Sometimes I'm just in that classic mood and a simple original Top Dog is what I need. There's an option for every mood and every person.

Atomsareenough: This is a useful roundtable for me, as I've never had a Top Dog. I like hot dogs and all, but it's more of a stadium food or a rare treat for me. Also, burritos are my favorite, so if I'm headed in the direction of Top Dog by Durant, I'm going to pick La Burrita every time. I'm rarely near the other Top Dog locations. Anyway, I do enjoy a good dog though, so if this pans out I'll probably end up having a few this season. Looking forward to it! Based on what you guys have mentioned, I'm most interested in the Chicken Apple and the Hot Link. It's also hard to go wrong with a good bratwurst.

I think it's very cool for Cal dining to reach out and partner up with a local business instead of just going with the cheap and generic stereotypical ballgame dogs.

Avinash: You're all wrong by the way. The correct answer is the Calabrese with Russian mustard, relish and sauerkraut. That thing is a delicacy.