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London 2012: Olympic Open Thread for 8/7/12

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Hey Cal fans! Let's start off this post with: WOW. For a more articulate recap of Day 10, however, let us turn to LEastCoastBear's post. All caught up now? Surely that got you ready to root for even MORE Calympian action! Don't you worry--there is plenty more where that came from. Today, we'll focus on women's water polo. Team USA has two Golden Bears (among a bevy of other Pac-12 players), Elsie Windes and Heather Petri. You can find out more about them (and other Calympians) by clicking on the CGB Calympian logo below, and you can also Tweet words of encouragement to Petri @PetelsAGirl. It's fantastic to see her supporting her fellow Golden Bears and keeping up with the landing of Curiosity; truly a well-rounded representative of the University of California!

Team USA will be playing against Australia today at 7:30AM PST. Click here to go to the live stream. It will also be shown on NBC at 9:30AM PST.