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Cal Football Fall Practice #2: Khairi Fortt Arrives, Defense Shuffles

Day 2 wasn't quite as intriguing as Day 1. There was lots of talk about defensive players who are still probably not quite ready to be regular rotation players, and just a lot of news about players who are only beginning their journeys. I guess we won't get any meat on the regular players until guys start hitting each other in regular gear later this week, when we'll probably find out for sure which youngsters are ready to take to the field this season.

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The nicest thing about the stuff that was released from Day 2 was snippets of video from Day 1 before they hit the field with full contact pads, and oh hi there Bryce Treggs.

That's a potential rotation safety in Michael Lowe that Treggs just juked out of his shoes there. I'm going to make a bold statement and say I like where this kid is going.

After the jump is Tedford's second press conference, plus more on Khairi Fortt's arrival.

The most encouraging thing I'm seeing is Tedford seems really happy with his linebacking rotation. As much fun as it is to have a good defensive line, I looooove a solid linebacking core. You have Wilkerson and Mullins and Forbes and Gibson who could play inside, and then McCain and Campo and Whiteside and Scarlett and Lucas King on the outside. After all of that, we haven't even gotten to Khairi Fortt, who has the versatility to play everywhere.

Here's more on Fortt from Dan Greenspan, who seems happy to be here.

Fortt spent the day introducing himself to his coaches and teammates, filling out paperwork, and moving into a dorm for fall camp. He will meet with team doctors Monday to evaluate his recovery from a late April surgery to repair a lingering patella injury.

"I had a torn MPFL, which is a ligament in my knee. It just basically keeps it stable, keeps it from coming out. It’s been torn since ninth grade, and I just played with it through high school and everything," Fortt said.

If cleared, Fortt could be in the mix to start at inside linebacker this season. First, he has to get back into shape – Fortt hasn’t been able to do any cardio in nearly five months – and prove he is healthy enough to compete.

And of course the defensive line is so deep and versatile, a guy as talented as Gabe King is seeing time at nose guard when someone as hard-working as Austin Clark goes down. It'd be interesting if Moala is utilized in 4-3 packages rather than 3-4, since he can focus on clogging things up rather than worrying about actual technique.

We'll probably see so many different alignments and substitutions this upcoming season from the front seven, there won't be any point in keeping track of who the starters are on a regular basis. They'll all be getting run.

Other notes.

The offense as a whole was "a little rusty," but Tedford said that it was not unexpected.

"You install a very minimal package going in on the first day, and then every day, there's just more that goes in and when people are thinking, the execution drops off a little bit," Tedford said. "Once you force-feed all the installation, you come back and do it again and sharpen up the execution."

  • Austin Clark will miss most of fall camp with a broken foot. I think it's a good bet we'll probably see him this season though; he had some nice moments in the Big Game.
  • Scarlett has an ankle injury from a scooter accident. Even though he's , it'd be nice if he'd stop getting hurt. He can be a wrecking ball when healthy.
  • Scientific opinion: Richard Rodgers gonna be good.
  • Matt Cochran had trouble with QB-center exchanges, because this is a thing now with our offense and it's never going to end.
  • Raymond Ford didn't work out as a late signing, but Damariay Drew and Willie Fletcher seems to have based on the early reports.
  • Joel Willis back on defense is good to see. Can never have enough safeties!
  • Jeffrey Coprich is slated on the roster at defensive back rather than running back. So I'd guess Cal is going to go get two or three RBs in recruiting this season.
  • Keenan Allen is in at punt returner until someone more dynamic can steal it away.
  • Here are some details from on highlights from the practice (No video though).
  • Additionally, there's a cute little feature also about how the players deal with fall camp.
  • Cal moves to shells tomorrow and Tuesday. Full pads Wednesday.

Finally, the tweet of the weekend courtesy of Michael Barton!