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Golden Nuggets: Cal's Freshmen Impress During Practice #1

If the first practice is any indication, several of the incoming freshman receivers will flourish on offense. Jim McGill fills us in from day one of fall camp.

Two of the most-anticipated freshman didn't disappoint with early entrant Zach Kline continuiing the promising development shown in spring practice and Bryce Treggs, who electrified the small crowd with speed, moves and hands reminiscent of, dare I say it, DeSean Jackson, who also wore #1 during is days in Berkeley.

On one play in particular, Treggs put a move on safety Michael Coley, who's back and healthy, leaving Coley in the dust after biting on a fake before Treggs hauled in a pass from Bridgford.

It seems from spring practice and today's fall camp opener that returning starter Zach Maynard and junior Allan Bridgford appear destined to be QB's 1 and 1A. But Kline is giving redshirt frosh and soph quarterbacks Austin Hinder and Kyle Boehm a run for their money to be in the rotation.

Kline seems to have added some muscle in the offseason, which should serve him well. Combined with his arm strength and accuracy, not to mention his competitive fire, Kline has future star written all over him. And in what's to likely become a common scene this season, Kline stayed late to throw with Treggs and several other of his frosh teammates.

At receiver, besides Treggs, redshirt frosh Maurice Harris looks like a real weapon. Big and strong, with amazingly long arms, most defenders will be helpless trying to defend jump balls or anything high against the sure-handed Harris.

Another good bet besides Treggs to play right away as a true frosh is 6-3/212 Darius Powe, who already possesses a pro body.

Powe displayed good hands and an ability to find the seam well and much like Harris, has long arms and the ability to go up for balls the defense can't reach.

After the jump we're talkin' 'bout practice, man. What are we talking about? Practice? We're talking about practice, man.



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