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London 2012: Olympic Open Thread for 8/5/12


If you've been following along at home (or perhaps are lucky enough to attend the Olympic games in person AND checking California Golden Blogs), your voice must be hoarse from cheering for Calympians. As we can see from Avi's Day 8 Recap, the GOLDen Bears have proven their mettle once (twice? three times?) more. Laryngitis due to excessive (as if that were possible) GO BEARS is a fortunate position, and today is your chance to recover a bit, refresh your memory with Calympian profiles (click on the CGB Calympian logo below), and catch up on other Olympic news. Today's sole Calympian event is:

Women's Water Polo (USA v ITA) at 11AM PST (broadcast on MSNBC 12:30PM-1:30) featuring Americans Heather Petri and Elsie Windes

For a full list of today's Olympic events, from badminton (men's finals) to wrestling (it's all about the Greco-Roman today), consult NBC's Day 9 schedule. A sport to keep an eye out for is handball (women's group matches take place today), part of the Olympics consistently since the 1970s, and in which "faults" (fouls) are considered good defense. You may also want to check out diving, which happens so fast you don't have a chance to see what the divers' faces look like.

All this physical exertion will probably make you hungry, so here are some party food suggestions from the host country. Take advantage--it's a Golden Bear party at the Olympics!