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Cal Football: Old Memorial Stadium Memories

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This week really isn't as much about football as it is an awakening, a welcoming to the mechanization of college football. New Memorial. A spectacular venue that gets way more spectacular. A brand-new state-of-the-art field. A grand athletic center with a classic-looking locker room. A stadium that looks polished while maintaining its original elegance that has helped it endure nine decades. New photo albums that look really good on your DSLR cameras.

So as we get ready for what figures to be a happy week for Cal fans, let's take a look back at what Memorial has meant to us over the years. Answer any or all of the following in the comments.

1) What was your first experience like in Memorial?
2) When you search through your memories, what is the one that comes to mind about your times in the stadium?
3) Will you miss anything about Old Memorial that won't be present in New Memorial?

If you want to catch up on Cal football news before the Nevada preview material tomorrow, it's after the jump.

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Other than the Cecil Whiteside news, the only significant piece of information is that Mustafa Jalil is practicing again. Good sign. Remains to be seen if he'll be playing against Nevada, but considering he wasn't on the two-deep I'd expect him to work his way up into the rotation as the season progresses. Week three is the critical spot for him to see the field.

Austin Clark should be back soon. Which reminds me, an awesome piece of news occurred last week. The walk-on defensive end from Tampa earned his scholarship.

Really great work from Clark, who has stepped up to become a solid contributor off the bench. He should continue in that role when he returns from injury.

Tedford press conferences from the last few days are available here. Some good info about Nevada, although he codes it like he does.

8/23 presser

8/26 presser