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Cal Football Hard Knocks Training Camp Video, Part III

So here is part three of four of Cal football's in-depth look into fall camp (for those who missed the beginning, here's part I, here's part II). This is "Back To Berkeley."

Some highlights from part III (the best of the three parts so far) include the following.

  • Your first glimpse of Wes Chandler, Cal's new wide receiver coach. Good luck trying to figure out what they're talking about, but it seems pretty important.
  • Also, Ashley Ambrose (I think that's Ambrose) gets to shout a lot. Always a fan of the shouting. Guys gotta shout for football to happen.
  • Keenan Allen is a big FIFA fan apparently. It's a pretty nice entertainment center. I think the old game room was a dartboard and a parchessi set.
  • Ever wanted to know what hibernation is like? Check out a bunch of Bears sleeping just about everywhere in every possible position.
  • Apparently Cal players get a lot of important lectures from authority figures (cops, drug enforcement, military, etc). Sounds like every other post-lunch lecture in primary school!
  • Villami Moala fielding punts. The next DeSean Jackson by all accounts!
  • Zach Kline jamming on guitar.
  • The Football Olympics, which I would totally watch if they put it on Rio 2016. It's been too long since tug-of-war was an Olympic sport. Wish they'd use something other than eggs for catching punts. Much needed testosterone wasted!
  • Quotes from veterans like Robert Mullins, Brian Schwenke, Kendrick Payne and young'ins like Chris Harper.
  • Some awesome NFL Films beats for the return of Cal football to Memorial Stadium.

I don't know how much our video coordinators (Matt Fox is the head, Ernie Chu the assistant) are getting paid, but we better secure them for life before Tosh and Sark decide to dangle a contract in front of him with a submersible attached.

For those who missed the first two parts...

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