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Cal Football Depth Chart: Bryce Treggs To Start At Wide Receiver

Bryce Treggs is following in the path of DeSean Jackson and Keenan Allen. He's getting the start at wide receiver.

Treggs passes Maurice Harris on the depth chart. I wouldn't consider this a knock on Harris; he'll probably be the third wide receiver when Cal moves into passing situations. But Treggs provides a totally different skill set to the field.. His route-running, his technique, his attention to detail are all apparent when you watch him on tape. He also provides more of that speed element that's been missing since Jackson graduated. It makes sense that he starts.

Only other notes I can pick up so far until the actual depth chart gets released:

  • J.P. Hurrell and Robert Mullins are your starting linebackers. Nick Forbes and Jalen Jefferson are your backups. Dave Wilkerson is still too banged up to play and will probably not play against Nevada.
  • Mustafa Jalil is in a similar situation, so Aaron Tipoti takes over at defensive end right next to Kendrick Payne and DeAndre Coleman. Todd Barr moves into the backup DE spot behind Tipoti.
  • Cedric Dozier and Kenny Lawler will for sure redshirt. Dozier moves to cornerback, I'm guessing if needed this season. Wouldn't be surprised to see him move back when Cal replenishes the corner position next year. Update: Dozier is moving to CB of his own accord. Very interesting move. Dozier was a good corner in high school.
  • Conversely, the lack of mention about redshirting makes it look like Chris Harper and Darius Powe will play. Harper actually made the two-deep as the second receiver behind Allen.

Most of the depth chart can be found here.

Some notes.

  • Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson are listed both as "alternate tailbacks".
  • Dasarte Yarnway on the two-deep at fullback. Nice!
  • Wilkerson and Jalil are too banged up to play, but it looks like the rest of the front seven is fairly intact.
  • Looks like the freshmen O-linemen aren't quite yet ready. Chris Adcock is listed as the starting right guard and the backup center. Matt Williams is the backup right tackle It's nice to see everyone hovering around 300 pounds.
  • Nice defensive surprises: Nathan Broussard and Adrian Lee also crack the two-deep along with Keni Kaufusi and Tyre Ellison.

Here's the big version of the chart.