Memorial on 8/21 . . . Just Incredible.

I had the privilege to walk through Memorial Stadium yesterday, and I am very impressed. Scratch that, I am in complete awe about how amazing the new stadium is. Yesterday was a run through of how things will be on September 1st: the band did its pre game show, the dance and cheer teams were doing their thing, the team ran out of the north tunnel with the band playing Fight, and then the team had a quick scrimmage.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures during the scrimmage, but I was able to walk around after and snap a few of our amazing new home. While I was walking around, I spoke to a few construction workers and they were all incredibly friendly and seemed to be just excited as me about the stadium opening in just 10 days. Anyway, here are my pictures:


Looking towards the east side of the stadium from the northwest corner.


I made my way up to the Press Box to see what all of the fuss was about, and let me tell you, the view is as incredible as everyone says it is. Unfortunately, it was too dark to take any pictures from the other side of the press box structure.


Inside the press box . . . some areas have computers set up and ready and others looked like this.


Heading back down, I decided to take a look at the main concourse on the west side of the stadium. It is nice to see some of the finishing touches going in like this concourse sign.


So . . . much . . . room! Unfortunately, the picture is a little blurry.


Stadium map! Take off those RED sections!!


If the concourse is nice, the ESP clubs are downright impressive. This is the Field Club.


Can I have this TV? In the Field Club . . .




The Stadium Club . . . I believe if you are lucky (or wealthy enough) to sit in this section, you can buy booze. :)


Heading on out into the bowl, I cannot put into words how impressive the press box is . . . and this picture definitely does not do it justice.


Out onto the field . . . that section should be rocking this year.


Under the lights!


Hopefully this fantastic new venue will help deliver a Pac-12 championship to the University of California.


Looking towards the North Tunnel . . . scaffolding has returned temporarily to put up the Bank of the West advertisement above the jumbotron. I know that people have been concerned about the size of the screens, but they are plenty big, the pictures do not do them justice. Sure, they aren't gaudy and huge like the new one at the LA Coliseum, but they are perfect for Memorial Stadium.


Looking at the bench back seating.


Outside, looking at the staircase going up to the eastern rim on the south side of the stadium.


In only 10 days, you will be walking through a vomitory and will be greeted with the single greatest stadium in college football.

I have been to 5 major college football stadiums in my life: California Memorial Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the LA Coliseum, Stanfurd Stadium, and Husky Stadium (6 if you count Nevada as "major"). I can say one thing without a doubt: new Memorial Stadium puts each one of these venues to shame. I can understand it putting the three older stadiums to shame, but New Memorial Stadium literally makes Stanfurd Stadium look like nothing more than a sandbox. If I were the Stanfurd fan, I would be embarrassed. I have to give props to the Cal athletic department, Webcor, and all of those involved in the planning of the stadium because it is truly a modern marvel that has kept alive what made us all love Memorial Stadium while giving it the amenities of a modern venue. See you all at Fanfest on Saturday and at Memorial in just 10 days! Go Bears!


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