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CGB Internship: Cal Students Wanted!

Ever wanted to be really cool? Like really cool. Something you can hold over the heads of your friends to showcase your superiority!

So did we! We never found it, and we doubt we can get it for you. But we do have this free internship to offer!

CGB has grown so big that we're looking for help to maintain and improve the quality of content and community on this site. So we want to see if any of you would be interested in lending a hand and ensure the site remains the #1 place on the web for Cal fans to congregate. This would be a great way for you to get experience in the digital media field. Also, you can get course credit for it! We'll work closely with the digital media studies dept to ensure you get school credit.

Basically, we're looking for a student with good writing experience who's willing to work hard. There are plenty of other details after the jump, but if you have those three attributes, you're 95% of the way there. If those three qualities fit you, then shoot us an email at goldenblogs at gmail dot com (go to the end of this post for more details on what you should include in the email).

After the jump, the bigger application.

Here's some of what we'd be looking to explore in terms of your duties as a CGB intern.

  • Flexible hours depending on your duties. Most of what we do is remote, and meetings can be scheduled around your time.
  • There will be work though. The more you'd be willing to do, the more likely you'd get hired!
  • You probably should be a Cal student. If you're not and you still really want this job, email us and let us know about your situation.
  • Good writing and researching skills, most importantly an ability to write fluently. You'll get the chance to contribute and help produce some of our online content.
  • Solid interest in journalism/new media/blogging. You will probably do some assigned writing, but you should also get the chance to do some original reporting or creative work.
  • Able to work remotely and collaborate remotely. Most of our meetings are conducted via email. For the most part we'll be checking up on your work online.
  • Not required but awesome if you do have it: Experience in producing and editing video content. We'll be looking to grow our SB Nation YouTube channel and do original content, features, what not. It's probably the best way to increase your online resume.
  • Prior experience in creative projects is a bonus, and will leap you to the top of the list!
  • Recommended: You love Cal sports. It's not needed, but it's unlikely you'll enjoy the job if you don't. (I'm actually not sure how you'd be reading this if you didn't love Cal.)

What do you get out of it?

  • Great work experience.
  • A chance to gain journalism and new media experience; it's something to put on your resume/CV.
  • School credit!
  • Good recommendations from the CGB staff for whatever jobs you wish to apply for in the future.
  • You'll also get the chance to be mentored by a community of people who have years of experience writing, collaborating and creating content that people value, and you should get direct mentorship on a regular basis from one of our writers.
  • But most importantly, if you love Cal sports, it gives you the chance to do something you love. Isn't that what being a Bear is all about?

Here's the process for applying.

1) Shoot us an email at goldenblogs at gmail dot com with your name, expected year of graduation, and major.

2) A personal statement of why you really want this job would be great!

3) If you have them, writing samples of your best work. Sports writing samples would be great, but general writing works too.

4) Resumes not needed (yet), but attach them if you want to.

Send these quickly, because the moment we start getting responses, we'll start conducting interviews ASAP. Go Bears!