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Golden Nuggets: The Pac-12 Networks' Classics Lineup

Have you submitted ballots in the Cal season predictions or Pac-12 predictions yet? Get those votes in now, as I'll post the Cal results later this week.

Although the Pac-12 Networks are up and running, they have some space to fill between now and the start of the season. One of the highlights will be their broadcasts of several classic Pac-10/12 games. Wilner gives us the list of 12.

* USC vs CAL, 2004: Aaron Rodgers has a terrific game but Cal loses.

* Arizona vs Washington, 1998: Oretege Jenkins flips into the end zone for the win

* Arizona State vs Nebraska, 1996: ASU and Jake Plummer beat #1 Nebraska

* Cal vs Stanford, 1982: Band is on the field (initial airing: Aug. 25)

* Colorado vs Notre Dame, 1991: Colorado beats ND 10-9 (My note: Orange Bowl, national title)

* Oregon vs Arizona, 2009: Double OT Jeremiah Masoli stars for Oregon

* Oregon State vs USC, 2006: OSU upsets USC

* Stanford vs USC, 2007: Stanford wins as a 41 point underdog (initial airing: Aug. 23rd)

* Utah vs TCU, 2008: Utah scores in the last few seconds to win

* UCLA vs Washington, 2004: Maurice Jones Drew has record setting day

* Washington vs Washington State, 1992: Drew Bledsoe in the snow

* Washington vs Stanford, 1999: Marques Tuiasosopo stars for Washington …

Wilner lists several deserving games that did not make the list. Cal is featured in two: the 2003 triple-overtime win and the 1996 quadruple-overtime, thrilling win over Arizona. Which other Cal games should garner consideration?