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Cal Football Hard Knocks Training Camp Video, Part II

For those of you who enjoyed one of the best Cal football in-depth looks you'll ever get, we hit the halfway point of this excellent feature in our second video.

Here are the main highlights.

  • Oski the cameraman spending the entire night inside one dude's room. I can't make him out too well. #analysis
  • BLASQUEZED. Look at all those weights in action at once. "Don't you miss the days where you needed 15 hours to complete a circuit training session in the old stadium," says no one?
  • More behind-the-scenes stuff like ice bath treatment and academics. This math major is happy to see eveyone getting their stats down
  • Ever wanted to see Coach M coach them up? This is probably as close as you'll get.
  • Don't know how good Arroyo the coach is (the QBs do seem to have all extremely improved according to the practice report), but he sure does sound good on tape.
  • Ultra-fast motion. So much ultra-fast motion. Hope some video expert doesn't come along and find a way to slow it all the way down and dissect all our practice tape.

For those who missed it, here's the first video in the series.