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Golden Nuggets: Checking in with Jahvid Best and Shane Vereen

Today we're checking in with two fan-favorite Cal RBs as they prepare for the upcoming season. First up is Jahvid Best, who was not cleared by doctors to play.

Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best, who has not played since suffering another concussion last October, likely will start this season on the physically unable to perform list and miss at least the first six games, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Doctors still have not cleared Best to play, a surprise to some Lions officials but evidence of how carefully Detroit is bringing him along.

Shane Vereen also fought through injury problems last season after he twice strained his hamstring. Now that he found the solution to stay healthy, he looks forward to making a splash this season.

Looking back, he thinks he knows why he had those health issues.

"Basically I wasn't taking care of my body the way I should have. That's what it came down to. It took a while, but once I learned how to do that ... " he said, pointing to veteran running back Kevin Faulk as a crucial influence in that area.

"Then it was also figuring out what was the issue -- what was tight, what was wrong -- and then doing things to prevent it, to stay loose all the time, to strengthen the muscles that were weak, just so that I wouldn't miss any more time.

"It's just being more aware; when you wake up, how do you feel? And then staying ahead of the curve, instead of waiting for something to happen -- be proactive and don't let it happen."

Here's a question: would you rather see Jahvid return to the field or hang up his helmet to protect his health? Plenty of fall camp updates after the jump.