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CGB Best Of 2011: Fanposts

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Let's look at a few more 2011 Best Of links. The quality and depth of fanposts on CGB reflects incredibly well on its awesome and engaging denizens. Particular recognition needs to go out to CalBears81, whose breathtaking series of posts on some of the untold historical stories of Californians dominates this list. Check out everything after the jump. GO BEARS!

(Articles are roughly arranged by decreasing number of recs)

About_to_rush_the_field_medium About_to_rush_the_field_medium
The 2002 Big Game

Upsetting Stanford - Cal’s Top 10 Big Game Triumphs - CalBear81

The World’s First Women’s College Basketball Team: The California Golden Bears - CalBear81

That’s (still) the only song they know! - fiatlux

Cal Crew: The Oldest and Grandest of Golden Bear Sports - CalBear81

Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford came in at 3rd in a series on Cal's Greatest Football Coaches

Cal’s Greatest Football Coaches - CalBear81 and OhioBear

#1 Andy Smith
#2 Pappy Waldorf
#3 Jeff Tedford
#4 Stub Allison
#5 Bruce Snyder
#6 Nibs Price
#7 Garrett Cochran
#8 Mike White

The Greatest Cal-Utah Game Ever - CalBear81

Son Kai-Kee and George Fong: Cal’s Asian American Football Pioneers

There Once Was a Time when Beating UCLA was Actually a Big Deal. No, Seriously. - fiatlux

The First College World Series Champions: The 1947 Golden Bears - CalBear81

The Murder of Jane Lathrop Stanford - CalBear81

A Drunken Interview with Ernest Owusu - Another Successful Tedford QB

The First Lady of Tennis: Cal’s Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman - CalBear81


Brick Morse wrote a few of the songs Cal fans enjoy today.

Brick Morse: Cal’s "Eternal Sophomore" - CalBear81

DBD 12.8.11. Your California: Tehama County - Spazzy Mcgee

So I Almost Got Kicked Out of Staples Today... - fiatlux

Today’s Practice (April 2) - verytech

Dear Sandy, - Spazzy Mcgee

PAC-12 reaches media agreement with Fox & ESPN for $225-250 Million Dollars - PlayClassyBears

The WR Screen Game featuring Keenan Allen vs Utah - Cali49a

Nion Tucker: Cal’s Only Winter Olympics Champion - CalBear81

Our Long Beaver Nightmare... And a Big Reason I Became the Micman! - fiatlux

Hot Off the Presses: The 1920 Big Game Program - CalBear81

ESP is here.

Memorial Stadium rebuild and the Cal game day do we get this right? - TKE Prytanis 79

Sneak Peak of Cal’s new High Performance Center (1 2 3) - PlayClassyBears

<10 recs

Analyzing Sofele’s Running Game Vs. Fresno State - royrules22

The Bear Essentials: 10 Things Every Cal Fan Must Know - CalBears81