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London 2012 Closing Ceremony (West Coast) Open Thread

How will the London 2012 Olympic torch be snuffed?
How will the London 2012 Olympic torch be snuffed?

Last open thread of the London 2012. Don't worry, we do have quite a few recap posts schedule for the coming week (in addition to the great Football coverage here).

By the way, here is the East Coast open thread.

The XXX London 2012 Games is now over. The Calympians have done us proud in what is probably the best Cal showing in Olympic history. As I have pointed out in the medals count recap post, London is Bear Territory!

Talk about the various musical acts that are a part of the closing ceremony here (if you haven't already watched it live or have already online). Complain about who NBC decides to cut off to run commercials and/or additional Ryan Seacrest interview(s).

Here is the official NBC description:

Officially send out the Games of the XXX Olympiad with the Closing Ceremony tonight!

Watch On TV: NBC (8p-12a)