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London 2012: Open Thread for the ultimate Olympic day (8/12/12)


Darling Cal fans, our time with the Olympics is coming to a close; verily, coming to the Closing Ceremony. It will be aired on NBC during primetime, although Yahoo! Sports suggests streaming it from the BBC Olympic website, whose stream will begin at noon PST. Before we bid adieu, however, we still have some time to root for Calympians! We have two water polo players still slogging it out (Serbia is battling for bronze) as well as an Icelandic marathon runner. All three athletes have Twitter accounts, so make sure to send them your words of support by clicking on their names in the chart below. You can read more about them by clicking on the CGB Calympian logo.

Sport Event Live (PST) Broadcast Information Calympian
M Water Polo USA v AUS (7th and 8th places) 2:20AM John Mann (USA)
M Track & Field Marathon 3AM 4AM-7 NBC Kari Karlsson (Iceland)
M Water Polo MNE v SRB (bronze) 6:30AM 6:30AM-7:45 NBCSN Aleksa Saponjic (Serbia)

The LIVE PST time is a link to NBC's live stream of each event. We've had some amazing performances by Calympians, and are immensely proud to support them as best we can. After the Olympics, stay tuned for some wrap-up content here on CGB. GO BEARS!