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Mike Montgomery Agrees To Two Year Extension Through 2015-16

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As has long been discussed, Monty is getting the contract extension that was long rumored about since the conclusion of the season. Cal men's basketball made the announcement a few minutes ago.

Montgomery had been signed up to the 2013-14 season, and there had long been concern about whether he'd just finish up his contract and retire from coaching. This deal should assuage such fears, and these extra two years could be big with regards to recruiting and ensuring stability for at least the next couple of years. This could be a big deal for targeting local top prospects like Jabari Bird, Marcus Lee and Elliott Pitts this season, and other top targets going beyond that. Monty's Xs and Os acumen should keep Cal involved in the conference title race in hoops for the remainder of his time with the Bears

Montgomery will be 69 years old by the end of his contract. Interestingly, Jeff Tedford's contract will also be up after the 2015 season.

UPDATE: Montgomery just did an interview with Urban and Brazil on 95.7 The Game. Listen to it here!