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Golden Tweets: The Freshmen Are Here!

For those of you wondering, summer bridge started a few weeks ago. Thanks to Twitter, you now have an inside glimpse into the world of the Cal student-athlete freshmen and their trials and tribulations.

Things are looking positive so far!

Bryce Treggs is breaking news about his uniform.

Apparently EA Sports didn't get the memo. Let them know you're annoyed by this egregious oversight.

First world student-athlete problems. Regardless, Bryce is deep into the Cal lifestyle.

Follow Bryce and the many other new Cal student-athletes on their Twitter game after the jump.

Mike Barton is keeping his dorm in order.

Freddie Tagaloa is meeting some interesting people.

Matt Cochran gives us a glimpse at his awesome-looking locker (I believe the lockers before this were made of straw and had to be opened with an ancestral hymn).

Steven Moore completed an assignment that makes me wince.

Chris Harper is learning about the interesting people in the Bay Area.

Darius Powe gets hours of practice then a daily four hours of school on top of that.

Cedric Dozier is hitting that lifestyle hard.

And grammar police, onliest is a word. Not sure about Sleepflowcrazy, although I think that's the name of my future hip hop joint.

Jeffrey Coprich has a similar outlook.

Damariay Drew simplifies the student-athlete lifestyle to its essence.

Here's Dozier helping out fellow teammate Hardy Nickerson with what should be a nice cut.

Kenny Lawler is ready to go.


Follow all these guys on Twitter and give them your support and love. They're going to need it all the way through.