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Khairi Fortt Hasn't Transferred, Will Decide Between Penn State & Cal Later This Week

So there have been conflicting reports about former Penn State linebacker Khairi Fortt transferring to Cal. A few Cal outlets, then national outlets reported the story, so there was some thought that it did happen.

Here's what you need to know: He hasn't transferred to Cal.

Khairi Fortt’s father Guy just confirmed that his son has narrowed his choices down to staying at Penn State or transferring to California. Guy Fortt said the intention is to meet with Penn State coach Bill O’Brien either Thursday or Friday and then make an announcement afterward.

"There’s been no final decision," said Guy Fortt, refuting a report that Khairi had already decided on transferring to California.

We've talked about what Fortt would bring to the Bears here, and he'd be a welcome addition to a roster that would include Chris McCain, Dave Wilkerson, Dan Camporeale, Cecil Whiteside, Robert Mullins, Nick Forbes, Jason Gibson and more. Cal would have a lot of depth at one of the most crucial positions in the conference and Fortt would just add to their depth.

What we do know: Fortt visited Cal this weekend. It's been his only visit and Cal is the only other school being considered outside of a return to Penn State. Fortt will meet with O'Brien soon and a decision will come later this week. Fortt loves Penn State and has a history with Cal, so it's up in the air who is the favorite and who is not.

There is no decision though. Not yet.

Carry on.