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London 2012: Olympic Open Thread for 7/31

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It's still early days for the Olympic Games, and yet we've already run the gamut of emotions, seen triumphs and upsets, and most importantly, witnessed some incredible athletic displays from Calympians. For a reminder of all that's transpired, refer to Avi's Day 2 Highlights and Twist's 7/30 Results. And now, on with the program!

Sport Event Live (PST) Broadcast Calympian(s)
M Swimming 100 Free 2:00AM and 11:30AM * Nathan Adrian (USA), Graeme Moore (South Africa)
W Rowing Lt. Double Sculls 2:10AM 10:15-10:45 AM NBC Dave O'Neill (US coach), Julie Nichols (US)
M Swimming 200 Breast 2:47AM and 12:17PM * Henrique Barbosa (Brazil)
W Soccer USA v PRK 9:15AM 9-11:30AM NBC Sports Alex Morgan (USA)
M Water Polo SRB v GBR 10:20AM

Aleksa Saponjic (Serbia)

M Water Polo USA v ROU 11:40AM 1:30-3 NBC John Mann (USA)
W Soccer NZL v CMR 11:45AM Betsy Hassett (New Zealand)
W Swimming 200 IM Final 12:39PM * Caitlin Leverenz (USA)

Calympian rowers Will Dean and Erin Cafaro earned a well-deserved rest in their respective preliminary rounds, so keep an eye out for them on later days. Note that there are two rounds for Men's 100 Free and Men's 200 Breast today; both are listed in the table. As always, click on the Live (PST) hour to go directly to NBC's online stream. NBC will be broadcasting swimming events throughout the day:

  • 12:35AM-1:35 NBC
  • 9:30AM-10:15 NBC
  • 12:30PM-1 NBC
  • 8PM-midnight NBC

CGB is immensely proud of all our Calympians and joins you in yelling GO BEARS!