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London 2012: Open Thread for 7/30/12


Calympians will continue to awe, inspire, and amaze in today's water competitions. For the full schedule of Olympic events in which Golden Bears are competing, check out the CGB calendar, but here's the slate for today:

Sport Event Live (PST) Broadcast Information Calympian(s)
W Rowing Quad Sculls 1:40AM 9:30-10AM NBC Kara Kohler (US)
M Rowing Eight 1:50AM 9:30-10AM NBC Mike Teti (US coach), Zach Vlahos (US), Olivier Siegelaar (Netherlands)
M Rowing Quad Sculls 2:00AM 9:30-10AM NBC Elliot Hovey (US)
W Swimming 200 Free 2:00AM * Lauren Boyle (New Zealand), Sara Isakovic (Slovenia)
M Rowing Pair 2:10AM 9:30-10AM NBC Scott Frandsen (Canada)
M Rowing Four 2:40AM 9:30-10AM NBC Will Dean (Canada)
W Swimming 200 IM 2:49AM * Caitlin Leverenz (USA)
W Swimming 200 Free 11:30AM * Lauren Boyle (New Zealand), Sara Isakovic (Slovenia)
W Water Polo HUN v USA 11:40AM 1:30-3PM NBC Heather Petri (USA), Elsie Windes (USA)
M Swimming 200 Free final 11:41AM * Dominik Meichtry (Switzerland)
W Swimming 100 Back final 11:49AM * Stephanie Au (Hong Kong), Rachel Bootsma (USA)
M Swimming 100 Back final 11:56AM * Marcin Tarczynski (Poland), Mathias Gydesen (Denmark)
W Swimming 200 IM 12:51PM * Caitlin Leverenz (USA)

Click on the time in the LIVE (PST) column to go directly to NBC's live stream. NBC will also be offering broadcasts of the swimming events throughout the day:

  • 9-9:30AM
  • 12:45-1:30PM
  • 8PM-midnight

Discuss the Calympians' feats in the comments, and find out more about them by reading our profiles here. GO BEARS!