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Cal Basketball 2012-13 Schedule Released


What appears to be the final schedule of the 2012-13 season has been released for Cal basketball. It is a solid, strong schedule that should serve us well if the Pac-12 returns to form.

It isn't a bad non-conference slate (particularly compared to last year's dreary home schedule). Cal will host a very good UNLV team, a good Creighton team, and solid squads from Harvard and UC Santa Barbara. Cal will get their chance to play three of Drake, Drexel, Georgia Tech, Pacific, Rice, Saint Mary's and Xavier in the 76 Anaheim Classic, with plenty of good teams they should be favored against and should provide more RPI boosting. The Bears will go on the road to face Wisconsin (their toughest offseason test) as well as a contest against Denver (decent but definitely beatable).

As originally slated in the original Pac-12 basketball schedule template, Cal will switch their home conference games with Arizona (now road games) and Washington (now home games). More importantly, Cal will finish with five of seven games at home, including the UCLA/USC/Stanford triage (although separated by a few weeks). The Bears start with five of seven on the road, which is great since school is out of session.

Schedule after the jump (courtesy of John Breech). Full Pac-12 schedule can be found here.

Nov. 6: San Francisco State (Exhib.)
Nov. 11: Cal State Bakersfield
Nov. 13: Pepperdine
Nov. 16: at Denver
Nov. 22: at 76 Anaheim Classic
Nov. 23: at 76 Anaheim Classic
Nov. 25: at 76 Anaheim Classic

Dec. 2: at Wisconsin
Dec. 9: UNLV
Dec. 15: Creighton
Dec. 18: UC Santa Barbara
Dec. 22: Prairie View A&M
Dec. 29: Harvard

Jan. 3: at UCLA
Jan. 5: at USC
Jan. 10: Washington
Jan. 12: Washington State
Jan. 19: at Stanford
Jan. 24: at Colorado
Jan. 26: at Utah
Jan. 31: Oregon State

Feb. 2: Oregon
Feb. 7: at Arizona
Feb. 9: at Arizona State
Feb. 14: USC
Feb. 16: UCLA
Feb. 21: at Oregon
Feb. 23: at Oregon State
Feb. 28: Utah

Mar. 2: Colorado
Mar. 9: Stanford
Mar. 13-16: Pac-12 Tournament, Las Vegas