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Golden Nuggets: Athlon's 2012 Bowl Predictions

Athlon put together a series of predictions spanning the entire 2012 bowl season. The Pac-12 fields an impressive eight bowlers, led by USC who will compete for all the Tostitos. Our sturdy Golden Bears are predicted to spend New Year's Eve in El Paso, where we face the Wolfpack of NC State.

Team Bowl Opponent
1. USC National Championship Game
2. Oregon Rose Bowl Michigan
3. Stanford Alamar Bowl Oklahoma State
4.Washington Holiday Bowl Kansas State
5. Cal Sun Bowl NC State
6. UCLA Las Vegas
Boise State
7. Utah Fight Hunger Bowl Navy
8. Arizona New Mexico Bowl Colorado State

This would be a pretty exciting slate of bowl games...with one exception: the "no one cares bowl" featuring Arizona and Colorado State in the least interesting venue of the bowl season. How about that USC-LSU game--could you root for the Trojans if it means they silence the big, bad SEC blowhards?