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Golden Nuggets: Pac-12 Media Day Predictions

Ted Miller is a Pac-10/12 Media Day veteran. He has seen enough of them to know that certain things (from mundane to inane) are bound to happen. In fact, he compiled a rather humorous list of things that are all-but-certain to happen at next week's extravaganza.

  • Teams at the top will tamp down expectations. Teams at the bottom will bemoan a lack of respect and insist they don't give a flip about so-called pundits.
  • Every team will claim an outstanding offseason, perhaps even calling workout attendance "the best ever." There's a good chance many will be exaggerating.
  • Oregon coach Chip Kelly will be snarky, no matter how awesome we reporters are.
  • Graham will be asked about his controversial departure from Pittsburgh for the 10,000th time, and the reporter who does so will win a set of steak knives (there's a reason reporters ask the same question over and over).
  • California coach Jeff Tedford and Oregon State coach Mike Riley will be asked if they feel pressure or feel like they are on the hot seat. Both will say no one puts more pressure on them than themselves and that there is always pressure.
  • Leach will go off on a lengthy tangent that has nothing to do with anything but likely will be interesting and amusing.

Do you have any Pac-12 Media Day predictions? Anyone want to put up some odds on how many Pac-12 coaches it would take to subdue Kyle Whittingham?