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Golden Nuggets: Keenan Allen On Why College Football Players Should be Paid

Jeff Faraudo had the chance to talk to Keenan Allen who, among other things, argued that players should be paid.

Given the news this week that college football is headed to a four-team playoff following the 2014 season – bringing more money still to the sport — I asked Allen whether it’s time players get a slice of the pie.

"I definitely would like to see college football players get paid," he said. "I think it would bring another encouragement, motivation to the players. It’s definitely — I wouldn’t say a struggle — but it’s definitely hard. Just going from high school, being with your parents for 18 years, then you come here by yourself and it’s hard to maintain (the standard of living).

"Being paid would definitely be great."

And perhaps only fair, given that every other participant in college football cashes in on some level.

"On behalf of the guys who have jerseys out there that are being worn, that could be another reason to get paid, too," Allen suggested.

When I asked if being paid is ever discussed among players, Allen said, "We always talk about it."

So I asked him how much would be fair or appropriate, and Allen gave it a bit of thought, trying to figure how many games BCS playoff teams could wind up playing (as many as 15, possibly), and came up with a number.

"I would definitely say about $10,000, something like that." he said. ""Why not? I don’t see what would be wrong with it. I think it is fair."

Should players be paid? Or do they receive enough benefits with free education, free room and board (or a housing stipend), and other advantages? You'll find the usual links and stories after the jump.