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Cal Spring Football Interview: Christian Okafor

Smart.  Big.  Tough.  All Bear.
Smart. Big. Tough. All Bear.

A gentleman with a vice-like grip of iron, early enrollee Christian Okafor took time off of pancaking defenders to answer some questions:

CGB: So you enrolled early in spring. Is your head still spinning?

CO(laughs): Not anymore.

CGB: Not anymore?

CO: Now that I have this spring under my belt. It's like a preseason to get ready for fall. It's been great.

CGB: What was so hard getting adjusted? Balancing academics and practice? Or was it the offense? I hear Tedford's offense is pretty complex.

CO: It is pretty complex. I still have a little bit. A lot to pick up. So really, all I can do is try to help the other guys from my class.

CGB: You have to replace a tackle in Mitchell Schwartz, so there's a tackle spot open. Does enrolling in the spring put you in a good place to push for that headed into fall camp?

CO: Yeah. Why not?

CGB: That would be cool to see. In terms of technique with high school vs. what Coach M teaches you, how is it different?

CO: It's all technique. In high school, you can just over-power guys. Here, you really have to pay attention to your pad level.

CGB: Which of the young DLine guys are pushing you and reminding you that you need to play with good technique?

CO:(laughs) I must say that Todd Barr is giving me a little bit of a run for my money.

CGB: How is it going academically? You hear recruiting stories from other schools that Cal is too hard and doesn't have enough support. Here you are in the spring. How is it going for you?

CO: I think a lot of people have problems with time management. I haven't been here for fall. Fall and spring are like night and day, so I don't know how that will go yet.

CGB: What do you want to work on between spring and fall to get yourself ready?

CO: Everything. It's everything. I don't look at it like there's just this or that. I want to work on everything to get better.

CGB: Would you say that it's more of a mental or physical adjustment right now?

CO: I would say mental.

CGB: Thank you so much for your time. We wish you the best.

CO: No problem. Sorry I couldn't give you more information.