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Golden Nuggets: Updates on the Pac-12's Television Network, Playoff Stance, and...Expansion?

The past few days have produced an assortment of intriguing bits of information regarding the Pac-12's long-term and short-term future. Let's have a look:

Fearing content fees, DirecTV CEO Michael White appears reluctant to include the Pac-12 network's full suite of regional networks.

Carriage disputes with the Sunbeam and Tribune groups have led to stations going off DirecTV this year already. "I don’t like it, but when necessary, we’ll do whatever it takes … If we have to go dark, we’re going to go dark," White said at an investor event. "We’re going to do the right thing for the long-term health of our business and consumers."
In looking to rein in content fees, White said DirecTV isn’t sure what it will do with the Pac-12 Network group. "We’re not going to have seven channels -- I can assure you of that," he said.

While the Pac-12 chancellors and presidents did not come to a formal consensus, they are moving forward with talks on alternative models for deciding the national championship.

"Today we just confirmed what our values and principles are for working with others to move the BCS forward," Oregon State president and Pac-12 CEO chair Ed Ray said. "No one is talking about the status quo; I just don't hear anyone talking about business as usual."

"What I left with is a very clear direction that we need to not just preserve, but actually enhance the meaning of being in a conference," commissioner Larry Scott said. "We want competing in our conference and winning our conference to mean no less than it does today and maybe even more."
The three models every conference has examined are a plus-one, a four-team playoff played inside the current BCS bowl structure and a four-team playoff played outside the bowls. Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said he didn't see any compromise between the two competing playoff models that appear to, in some form or fashion, take the place of the BCS. Incoming Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told on Saturday that there would likely be some strength of schedule component included to help balance the champions vs. top four model out.

"We're looking for a model that being a conference champion matters to determine who the ultimate national champion is," Ray said. "There are a couple of models that do have that element to them and we're quite open to having a discussion about them."

Finally, Hawaii's new chancellor Tom Apple would like to see the school eventually leave the Mountain West Conference and join the Pac-12.

"I won't go dreaming about where we might be, but there is a really good conference out on the West Coast that it would be wonderful to be part of, eventually," Apple said today, alluding to the Pacific-12.

"And, there are schools that I'd certainly like to be mentioned with in the same breath. So, I think the idea that we try to aspire to be a great university that is thought of in the company of the other great universities is something that we should think about for athletics," Apple said.

After the jump successful seasons come to a close for softball, rugby, crew, and golf.

The 2012 Cal Athletic Hall of Fame class was announced: Hayley Cope (swimming), Jocelyn Forest (softball), Mike Harrison (baseball), Bruce Kennedy (track and field), Lamond Murray (basketball), and Anne Walker (golf).


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