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Cal Football 11th In Pac-12 In APR Scores, Cal Basketball 7th

The 2010-11 APR scores were released. For those who pride themselves on the Cal academic tradition, these are probably not the scores you want to see.

Cal football dropped in its multi-year APR for the fourth consecutive season. From 970 to 969 to 949 to 936 we go. Obviously it's a lot harder to get good grades at Cal than almost any other Pac-12 institution, but this is going to become a negative recruiting tactic going forward if we can't get things right in the classroom. Remember that the NCAA recently voted to move up the baseline APR to 930, so this is going to be a problem moving forward if the numbers don't improve.

On the brighter side, men's basketball moved up to a score of 950 over four years, with a 977 in 2010-11 and a 1000 in 2008-09 (all this despite an APR score of 877 in 2009-10, which probably was the result of multiple players transferring out in poor academic standing). Thanks to Monty for righting the ship that Braun was steering into icebergs.

Congrats to Cal men's and women's tennis for posting perfect scores, as well as a dozen non-revenue sports for posting APRs of 980 or higher!

(In the shocker of shockers, Furd finishes in first place in pretty much everything forever because everyone in that school is so bright and focused that no one ever gets Bs!)

You can search for APR schools, conferences and sports by year here. After the jump are the APR scores for each sport for the Bears with their conference ranking in parenthesis.

Cal baseball: 960 (6th)
Cal men's basketball: 950 (7th)
Cal football: 936 (11th)
Cal men's cross country: 989 (2nd)
Cal men's golf: 986 (T-5th)
Cal men's soccer: 971 (3rd)
Cal men's swimming: 964 (5th)
Cal men's tennis: 1000 (T-1st)
Cal men's track: 990 (2nd)
Cal softball: 952 (8th)
Cal women's basketball: 956 (8th)
Cal women's cross country: 984 (T-5th)
Cal women's golf: 992 (T-4th)
Cal women's gymnastics: 989 (5th)
Cal women's rowing: 998 (T-1st)
Cal women's soccer: 992 (4th)
Cal women's swimming: 987 (4th)
Cal women's tennis: 1000 (T-1st)
Cal women's track: 948 (10th)
Cal women's volleyball: 994 (2nd)