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The Pinnacle of Cal Fandom: A Favorite Sports Highlight

There have been many memorable moments in contention over the past several years. I thought about the flea flicker touchdown against Baylor which kicked off the Tedford era. I thought about Mike Mohammed's game-clinching interception in the 2009 Big Game. You have to take a moment to appreciate Jahvid Best's incredible speed in his breath-taking run against ucla. You could pick a montage of clutch throws from Aaron Rodger's in the Insight Bowl against Va. Tech. The triple OT FG by Tyler Frederickson which knocked off 'sc is always a favorite.

But if there can be only one. Can anything top The Play?

The only thing better than watching The Play over and over again is when I plug in my Samsung notebook into my Samsung High-Def monitor...or better still, use an HDMI cable so that I can put the clip up on my Samsung HD LCD TV. Then, I pop open a nice bottle of Samsung water and pick up my Samsung phone so I can share the highlights with my friends and family. Go Bears!