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Cal Football: Jeff Tedford Speaks, Answers Your Questions

Who is this candid dapper young fellow, and what has he done with our head coach?

(via calathletics)

If you don't want to watch the video, here are the tidbits.

  • Team will be flying to Ohio State on Thursday to give them an extra day to adjust.
  • Team practices by 8:20 a.m. every morning.
  • Tedford hopes to get into the stadium by August 10th.
  • The Memorial Stadium surface is the same one as the one used at the brand-new Cowboys Stadium.
  • The visitor locker room has been upgraded. Sorry guys, now our home field advantage is deader than dead!
  • More no-huddle stuff, although it won't be the focal point of the offense.
  • Tedford talks punting and the rules in punting changes. Terrible news for punting purists everywhere: The rugby punt stays.
  • Isi and C.J. in the backfield at the same time! Tedford is very complimentary of C.J.
  • Some stuff on Harrison Wilfley, Allan Bridgford, Cal marketing, and the facilities (nothing new) there.

Good stuff! Really haven't seen Tedford talk that much, ever, so it's refreshing.

More Tedford stuff after the jump.

In addition to the recording, here's some weekend listening for all of you. Tedford did a radio interview with John Canzano of the Oregonian, and talked about all the usual things. The stadium, how difficult last year was, the development of Aaron Rodgers, Zach Maynard, the 2010 Oregon game (really?), the promulgation of spread offenses in the Pac-12, etc.

Canzano did ask Tedford to give a recruiting pitch for Cal football. Here's what he came up with.

The number one thing without a doubt is the strength of the Cal degree. Football is going to end one day so it's not just about the next four to five years of their life it's about the next forty or fifty. The alumni support here is very very strong, and it's not just regional, or national, but internationally, Cal is very well-recognized. It's a great place to live, the quality of life is awesome. So, you know, after football, if you wanted to stay here ... a lot of alumni in the city and in this general area. It's a great place to live. So you can come here and make a name for yourself, and still, after it's all said and done feel very comfortable in making your home here.

Cal's a great place ... The quality of life is so good here and just really enjoy the people we surround ourselves with and it's a great fit for a lot of young men.

Listen to the whole radio interview here.