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Cal Football TV Schedule: Three Pac-12 Network Games In September, ESPN2 For Washington

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We're going to see how effective this new Pac-12 Network is with regards to distribution. The Bears will open 2012 on the Pac-12 Network, and with one exception will spend the rest of September there.

Here is the early TV schedule.

9/1: Cal vs. Nevada, Pac-12 Networks, noon PT/3 PM ET
9/8: Cal vs. Southern Utah, Pac-12 networks, noon PT/3 PM ET
9/15: Cal at Ohio State, ABC, 9 AM PT/noon ET
9/22: Cal at USC, Pac-12 Networks, TBD


11/2 (Friday): Cal vs. Washington, ESPN2, 6 PM PT/9 PM ET

Everything else will probably be announced on a 6-day/12-day basis (i.e. you won't know when we're playing and what channel we'll be on until a week or two before the games).

Regarding Pac-12 Network games, it should be noted that Cal-Nevada is on at the same time as Nicholls State-Oregon State, and Cal-Southern Utah is on at the same time as Sac State-Colorado and EWU-WSU. It'll be interesting how they handle the distribution of these games. Cal-Nevada will probably end up on the national network and Oregon State will stay regional. Not sure what will happen the second week though. I would guess that the Pac-12 Network would distribute this through their digital network too, so anyone subscribed to the TV channel in some capacity should be able to get it online or via their digital devices.

There is no doubt Cal-USC will be a national telecast. Based on how the early games are being fit

As part of the Big Ten TV contract, Cal will play Ohio State on September 15th on ABC. So there's a good chance you should be able to watch all Cal football games regardless of where you are, depending on if you're subscribed to the conference network.

As expected, Cal will play Washington on ESPN2 in our only deviation from an all-Saturday schedule.

(If you want the Pac-12 Network, go here to find out more.)