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Golden Nuggets: Andy Smith Bench to Become Accessible to All

In what may be a very controversial decision, Cal Athletics has decided to place the famed Andy Smith bench outside of the new Memorial Stadium:

When it returns to Strawberry Canyon at the end of the summer, the Andy Smith Bench will command a new location outside the north entrance of the stadium, where fans will have access to it on game days and every day as a feature of the campus park being created there.

The spirit of Coach Smith, who set an all-time record of 74 career wins before his death on Jan. 8, 1926, permeates Memorial Stadium. It's been called "The House that Andy Built" in tribute to the success of his teams, which filled the stadium with ticketed fans after it opened in 1923.

After Smith died, his ashes were spread on the field. Almost two years after their coach's death, on Dec. 31, 1927, his players introduced the bench prior to the game between Cal and Pennsylvania, which was Smith's first stop as a collegiate head coach.

Am I the only one who thinks this is an epically bad idea? I think the bench will get tagged and defaced in no time.